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          • Welcome to The Center for Health Design, a community of healthcare designers,
          • executives, manufacturers, students and visionaries who improve the quality of care
          • and outcomes for patients, staff, and residents through the design of the built environment.

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          Moving healthcare forward

          • Behavioral Health
          • Communication
          • Impact of Aging
          • Infection Control
          • Noise
          • Perception of Cleanliness
          • Safety
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          Our research projects, including the Pebble Project, Research Coalition, and Advisory Services, help industry leaders make key decisions when investing in facility design.


          Our industry events, tools, training, and EDAC certification give healthcare and design professionals a deeper understanding of how to make healthcare facilities safer and more efficient for all.


          With the goal of improving sustainability and safety in healthcare facilities, we push for changes in building codes and standards in addition to recognizing healthcare evidence-based facility design through several award programs.

          The Center would like to thank our Partners for their contributions to our work: